Friday, May 2, 2014

We sail in 12 days...are you ready?

At this point of the game, I need your HELP! Please make sure that your child is practicing with his/her script almost daily! Some of our rehearsals have revealed that certain groups DO NOT know all the lyrics to their songs…yikes! I have limited time at school to work with individuals, so practicing at home is crucial (consider it homework).

Thank you, thank you for all the pics of kids in costume! They look FABULOUS! We need reassurance that your child’s costume is under control if you haven’t already contacted me. Time is running out if there are items that you need to order. I know from experience, the longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes! J

We still need several props on our list. Thanks to ASHLEY HIBBERT, ROBIN ARNOLD, KENDA MOORE, & LINDA COURTNEY for bringing in some items. I’ve marked those on the prop list. Please, raid your garage, shed, cabinets & closets. See if you have anything we might need. J


Set construction is here! Paul & I will be at school in the morning around 10 am beginning phase 1 of set construction. If anyone is available (manly men & handy women), we welcome your help. MAY 10 will be our official set construction day (10-2). Hope to see some of you then as we literally go Under the Sea!